Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pantabangan Lake

Nueva Ecija Tourist Spots
  Pantabangan Lake, Nueva Ecija - When we hear the word Pantabangan, the only word that registers to our mind that comes with it, is "Dam", "Pantabangan Dam". You read it right! But according to the reliable source (Google). Pantabangan is also known for its lake, perhaps this refers to the lake connecting the dam. Kidding aside. Well if you're feeling like going north, I suggest you to go to this place.
   Aside from holding the title of being one of the largest dams in the country and take note in Southeast Asia and one of the cleanest in Philippines, Pantabangan is also famous for its sport fishing. Well i bet, some of you haven't heard of that kind of sport, or haven't been involved on to it. The participants of the activity are commonly known as anglers which maybe composed of  local or foreigners fishers. Sometimes when they feel like they need some more adventure, they organizes competitions. they completely enjoying the game, and that makes the lake more appealing and popular to it visitors. The fishes that were grown in the lake appeared to be more popular to the anglers, and they mostly love it every time they caught Large mouth bass fish . Yes, this makes Pantabangan a popular place in Nueva Ecija to go to. The wind breeze that touches your face, the the sound that the lake creates, the clean and refreshing atmosphere brought by the lake will surely complete your stay at Pantabangan. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Minalungao National Park

Nueva Ecija Tourist Spots - Minalungao National Park
Minalungao National Park
- Nueva Ecija's pride, the Minalungao National Park is located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. This majestic landform increased the tourism in Nueva Ecija. Considering that it is one of the few remaining natural destination in Nueva Ecija, the said park is strongly promoted by the people of General Tinio.
- Minalungao National Park is popular for its pure and perfect green river, its majestic rock formations and the cleanliness and pollution-free environment. Its peaceful and relaxing ambiance will surely hook every visitors and  tourists. This place is also perfect when you want to unwind and recollect because of the activities drawn to attract tourists. These activities are picnics, swimming, raft riding and cliff diving. Aside from the physical activities provided by the park, the visitors can also reminisce and organized some retreats. Novo Ecijanos are surely proud to present the Nueva Ecija Tourist Spots, not just in the Philippines but also to the world. So, if you want some adventure, I am one hundred percent sure that you'll like this place also. Come and experience the relaxing and peaceful mood here in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Discover Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija tourist destination
Never been to Nueva Ecija? Or never did experience how was it like living in that place? Well, I think you just missed another part of your life. 
Nueva Ecija, often referred to as the Rice Granary of the Philippines is the largest province and the biggest rice producer in Central Luzon.  Nueva Ecija is a landlocked province located at the interior of Central Luzon. It is bounded on the north by Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan, on the east by Aurora, on the south by Bulacan and Pampanga, and on the west by Tarlac. The province is divided into four districts which consists of 27 municipalities and 5 cities. 

Indeed Nueva Ecija is a great place to travel to, because of its  historical landmarks, eco-tourism destinations, agricultural establishments, man-made tourist spots and town fiestas and tradition. 

This blog is made just for you! I blog the most visited tourist destinations within Nueva Ecija. For travel addicts and who wants to have a different view and for those who wants to unwind, Nueva Ecija is one of the best places to travel. Surely you'll enjoy your stay here. See you at Nueva Ecija tourist spots!